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Digital PR agency talk at Google Digital Garage

This week, Claire Gamble, MD of digital PR agency Unhooked Communications, presented a two-hour workshop to businesses, freelancers and digital marketers at Google Digital Garage in Manchester.

Over 90 people signed up for the training session, which looked at the relationship between online PR, media and SEO, and it was a great turn out.

Digital PR agency with SEO knowledge and content marketing skills for businesses
Helping businesses with online PR, link building, content marketing and SEO. PR agency Unhooked Communication's workshop for businesses to help online PR and SEO.
Digital PR agency training testimonial

Joana Veiga Ferreira

Marketing consultant, JVF Marketing

"Claire's session at Google Digital Garage on online PR, media and SEO was insightful and engaging. The information was detailed enough that you can immediately take action and really showed the link between SEO and PR, which is often missed across many strategies. As a digital marketer, I've always approached 'content' from a marketing and SEO point of view, with only limited PR input. Having been to this session I've picked up some new skills and tips that'll help immediately improve my strategies and the way I approach content outreach from now on."

Digital PR agency: Understanding the relationship between online media, PR tactics and SEO

It’s important for businesses and communications professionals to understand the relationship between online PR and SEO. And alongside this, they also need to understand the news agenda, journalists’ requirements and online media processes.

The media landscape is rapidly changing. Journalists and publishers aren’t just looking for great stories, breaking news and exclusive features. For online media, they also need web traffic, social shares, engagement, dwell time and much more. This is all vital to stay ahead of their competitors, build an audience of loyal readers and help increase revenue and advertising fees.

If we understand how online media outlets and publishers work, what they want and need, this can help to tailor and shape the sort of news, stories and content we create.

Often SEO outreach campaigns miss PR and journalism knowledge and experience to secure the best results on high domain authority websites. While a lot of traditional PR lacks confidence in how SEO tactics can help to amplify results.

Understanding how PR and SEO can work together – and how to use online media outlets as a channel to share news and content – we can make our communications and digital marketing activity work harder for us.

Yes, we want our website to appear top of search engines, but we also want our target audience to know about us, trust us and want to buy from us.

Combining journalism, storytelling, reputation management, content marketing and SEO can create solid, integrated PR campaigns that are fit for modern businesses. It’s an approach Unhooked Communications takes for clients and this way of working is refining all the time.

Digital PR agency Unhooked Communications explaining how online media, PR tactics and SEO work together
Unhooked Communications is a PR agency specialising in PR link building, content marketing and SEO for businesses that operate online
Google Digital Garage talk on online PR, digital PR link building, content marketing and SEO from PR agency Unhooked Communications
Digital PR agency quote from Unhooked Communications online PR, digital media, SEO

Lindi González

Founder, Simply Escape

"I went to see Claire from Unhooked Communications and PR Unlocked talk at Google Digital Garage in Manchester about PR. It was really useful to find out how PR and SEO work together. Claire is exceptionally knowledgable when it comes to PR and communications - I'm impressed!"

Why a digital PR agency can boost more than just SEO

Using tactics from both PR and SEO can help to create integrated PR campaigns. And there are a number of ways that using a specialist digital PR agency can help your business beyond just SEO. A digital public relations agency should help you:

  • Focus on reputation management and brand perception, making sure you deliver your key messages to your target audience.
  • Get coverage, content and stories on credible, high authority news and media outlet websites that your target audience read and engage with.
  • Create PR campaigns and stories that help to earn and encourage links back to your website.
  • Research keyword and content ideas for media stories, as well as content for your own website.
  • Develop engaging, informative and keyword optimised content (such as blogs, guides, articles, videos, podcasts and more) for your own website and channels.
  • Find new ways of reaching your target audience to deliver your key messages, drive traffic to your website, boost awareness and support business growth.

Find out more about digital PR, PR link building and SEO services here.

Digital PR agency Unhooked Communications gives talk at Google Digital Garage about digital PR, online media and SEO
Digital PR agency talk about online PR, online media, link building and SEO at Google Digital Garage Manchester

How can digital PR agency Unhooked Communications work with you?

As a digital PR agency that specialises in online PR and media relations, organic SEO and content marketing, we can work with you in a number of ways.

Looking for a digital PR agency?

Digital PR agency Unhooked Communications
Google Digital Garage talk from digital PR agency Unhooked Communications
Claire Gamble digital PR, content marketing and SEO talk for businesses wanting to maximise online communications

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