How a PR agency can build genuine, high authority links

We’re a PR and marketing agency, but you could call us a link building agency and PR link building specialist. Digital PR, online media coverage, content marketing campaigns and PR link building can all help businesses boost their SEO (search engine optimisation).

In other words, online PR and marketing activity can help businesses rank on search engines, get in front of new customers, drive traffic to your website, and increase inbound enquiries and sales. Especially if your website is technically sound with lots of great content optimised with the right keywords in the right places.

Unlike some other SEO, digital and link building agencies that will get you articles and links on any old site, we have a different approach.

We’re trained journalists, specialist PR and media relations experts, as well as knowledgable and skilled at SEO. And we believe this is the perfect combination when it comes to finding an agency that build links and boost SEO in a safe, relevant and newsworthy way. We can also write SEO-friendly content and blogs for your website.

If you want a link building agency or someone who understands digital PR and SEO, you should find an agency that is expert in  PR and media relations. People working on  mobile, laptop and tablet at a table - all devices your business needs to be found on.

What are the benefits of using a PR agency for link building and SEO?

​As a PR agency with SEO experience and knowledge, getting links isn’t our only goal when it comes to digital PR. As with all our PR clients, we’ll work closely with you to make sure we’re communicating your key messages and positioning your brand in the right way to the right people.

By working with Unhooked Communications for your online PR and link building agency, you’ll get:

  • ​A PR and marketing strategy to make sure the activity and content we’re recommending is in line with your business’ values, your customers’ needs and wants, market trends, and your wider business objectives
  • Ideas and recommendations designed to secure coverage in relevant online media outlets, which target your audiences and customers, as well as encourage social shares
  • High quality content created by writers, journalists, designers, photographers and videographers
  • An experienced team of media and PR experts who understand the news agenda and media landscape, with strong journalist and editor contacts
  • A focus on genuine news websites, quality blogs and informative websites with high domain authority
  • A series of PR and marketing tools and assets, which we can help you repurpose across your own marketing channels
  • Support with SEO copywriting and content creation for your own website and owned digital channels

​Our digital PR promise to you

We know there’s a lot of confusion when it comes to digital PR. But we promise no jargon, no buzzwords, no smokes and mirrors. If you’re looking for a link building agency and someone who understands online PR, content marketing and SEO we promise you transparent, creative and results-driven activity.