Marketing and PR objectives, measurement and evaluation

The best ideas are useless if they don’t help your business in some way.┬áBefore we start anything, we need to understand why you need help and what you’re hoping to achieve.

‘What should my marketing and PR be doing for me?’

If you don’t already have a firm set of business objectives, we’ll help you find them. Maybe you need to increase sales by a certain amount, are preparing to launch a new product, or planning to expand into a new region or market? Maybe you want to do something specific like attract new talent or a potential investor?

And once we understand your goals, we can look at how marketing and PR can help you achieve them. We will set your marketing and communications objectives to support your wider business objectives. And throughout your campaign, we’ll continue to monitor, measure and evaluate to make sure what we’re doing is working and helping to meet your goals.

‘What makes a good marketing and PR objective?’

When setting objectives for our marketing and PR campaigns, we’ll make sure they’re SMART:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

‘How do I measure the success of my marketing and PR?’

How and what we measure and monitor depends on the specific objectives and campaign, but could include a combination of:

  • sales and enquiries: How many, percentage increase, database enquiries
  • website activity: Visits, referrals, dwell time, bounce rate, conversions
  • social media: Engagement, reach
  • media coverage: Quantity, quality, audience, tone/sentiment, key messages, website referrals
  • brand perception: Before and after a campaign
  • content: Shares, impressions, downloads, engagement
  • SEO: Links, page ranking, domain authority, page authority, organic search

Driven by results…

At Unhooked Communications, we want to make sure our marketing and PR campaigns deliver results. This is why we’re always looking at new and improved ways of measuring success for our clients and follow industry best practice, for example the Barcelona Principles.

To find out how we can help you achieve your business objectives through marketing and PR, email or call us.