​Insights and research

​There should always be reason behind our recommendations.

Why are PR insights and research so important?

Before we can develop a strong, creative PR campaign, we need to start with insights and research. Filling our minds with facts, figures, thoughts and anecdotes is vital. It’s the first step we need to take when developing campaign ideas.

As part of our marketing and PR insights and research work, we:

  • ask questions: Lots of them
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    get under the skin of your industry: What are the opportunities? Risks? Current and future trends?
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    check out the competition: What are they doing well and how can you do better?
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    analyse your customer behaviour and motivation: What are they doing and why? How do we use this to grab their attention and turn them into customers?
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    find out about your business: What is it that makes you different? What makes you great at what you do? What do you want to achieve?

​Each piece of information we glean becomes a new part of the puzzle. By spending time researching and finding out as much as we can, we can begin to see the bigger picture. And, as well as being invaluable to your communications and PR activity, these insights can be incredibly useful in other areas of your business too.

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