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As a specialist construction PR agency, one of our areas of expertise is promoting building materials and products for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and retailers.

Over the years, our team of senior PR consultants, who all have a minimum of 10 years' experience, have developed the PR strategies and implemented the PR activity for all kinds of building materials and products businesses.

We have experience managing the PR for building materials such as bricks, timber, landscaping, flooring, insulation, pipes, plasterboard and plastering, glass and glazing, roofing, and more.

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Building materials and products PR strategy 

When we develop PR strategies for businesses promoting building materials and products, we consider several key areas, including:

  • Objectives: What are the wider business objectives of the building materials and products business, and how can PR support these?
  • Audiences: Building materials clients often need to target several audiences – which we take a closer look at below
  • Materials and products: From sustainability and manufacturing processes to quality and performance, there are multiple factors we need to consider when crafting the perfect PR strategy and plan for your building materials and products
  • The market: What are the current opportunities and threats in the market and how can we factor these into our PR activity?
Leading PR agency for building materials and products
PR agency specialising in building materials and products
PR services for building materials and products

Targeting different audiences through building materials PR 

Our building materials clients usually need to target a whole range of audiences with their PR strategies. These can include architects, specifiers, contractors, sub-contractors, merchants, distributors, tradespeople, installers, engineers, and more. Depending on the business, as well as offering B2B or trade PR services, we may also create a specific building materials PR strategy aimed at homeowners or consumers.

When developing building materials PR strategies, we always consider the wants and needs of each target audience. This helps us to tailor your messaging and content to meet the needs of those people you want to engage with.

We also understand the specification journey – awareness, evaluation, specification and purchasing – and the PR and content opportunities that we can use at each point to promote your building materials and engage with your target audiences.

PR services for building materials and products

Tactics for building materials PR

The right building materials PR tactics will depend on your specific objectives and strategy, but could include a number of our services.

  • PR strategy: All of our building materials PR clients start with a workshop, which helps us develop a bespoke strategy and plan to make sure we’re doing the right tactics, in the right way. Find out more about our PR strategy service.
  • Press office: Our clients benefit from our core press office activity. This could include press releases, reactive comments, in-depth features and media interviews – all created to promote not only your building materials and products, but your wider business and successes too. Find out more about our press office and media relations services.
  • Product launches: Got a new and exciting product to launch? Make maximum impact with a dedicated building products PR plan. From media and advertising, to stunts and events, we can help you drive awareness, enquiries and sales.
  • Thought leadership: Stand out from your competitors with topical and relevant thought leadership content. For building materials clients, this PR activity could include research, trends, reports, speaking opportunities, articles, and more.
  • Awards: Shout about your building materials and products with reputable awards. We can help you get the most out of awards, whether you want to enter and get shortlisted, or sponsor wider construction industry awards.
  • CPDs and training: As part of a building materials PR strategy, you may want to develop CPDs or other training materials. We can help you create this sort of content to make sure it’s informative, engaging and inspiring. Find out more about our CPD content creation services
  • Events: Trade shows, exhibitions, conferences and your own events provide a great opportunity to show off your building materials and products in person – and provide lots of great PR and content opportunities. 

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