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CPD Creation | Construction CPD creation 

If your business delivers e-learning and workshops to your target audience as part of their Continuing Professional Development (CPD), we can take the time, stress and hassle out of producing engaging and beautifully designed training content.

For specific construction CPDs, we can help you engage with architects, engineers and other specifiers in the industry.

Why work with a PR agency to create your CPD training materials?

Whether you’re delivering CPD training face-to-face or online through e-learning programmes, we know that it’s a great way for you to interact in a meaningful and memorable way with your target audiences. With many professions and job roles required to undertake regular CPDs, this poses a number of unique opportunities for relevant businesses from a PR and marketing point of view.

As a PR agency, we understand the importance of communicating your key messages and positioning you brand in the right way, all while educating and inspiring your target audience.

We think about everything in the CPD creation process, including the strategy behind creating the CPD (taking into consideration your objectives, audience, market, tone of voice, value proposition, and more) and the course content creation (design, video, animations, scripts and VoiceOver, text). To bring the CPD training to life, we can interview case studies and develop supporting resources. We can also help seed it out to your target audience through PR and marketing tactics, as well as help you organise face-to-face CPD training events.

Want help creating your CPDs?

Whether you have a single CPD to create or a whole series, contact us to see how we can take the time and stress out of developing your CPD courses.

CPD training course creation services

Working with a PR agency to create CPD training materials, we’ll make sure that the content:

Effective CPD training content creation

  • Follows your brand guidelines
  • Delivers your key messages
  • Educates, informs and inspires – without being overly promotional
  • Uses the most appropriate methods (video, animation, graphics, diagrams, text) to bring your ideas and messages to life
  • Works across the relevant channels
  • Is in line with any trade bodies’ own CPD requirements (e.g. RIBA guidelines)
  • Leaves the right lasting message to make sure your brand, products and/or services are front of mind when your target audience next needs you.

Construction CPDs

As an agency that specialises in construction PR and marketing, as well as home interiors PR and marketing, we know that CPDs are a particularly effective way for many businesses to get in front of architects, designers, engineers, specifiers and other industry professionals.

Construction CPDs can help manufacturers, suppliers and distributors to illustrate their expertise, latest products, technical capabilities and case studies.

Construction CPD creation | How to create RIBA approved construction CPD courses and training

Construction CPD support

As a specialist construction PR agency, we know your industry and work with businesses throughout the supply chain. Contact us to see if we can help you develop inspiring and informing CPDs for architects, engineers and specifiers. 

How to create CPD training content
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