Unhooked Communications launches new online training course to help businesses do their own PR

Unhooked launches new digital platform to help startups succeed

An online training platform has launched to teach startups and small business owners how to promote their products and services, with the aim to help more companies survive during their early years.

PR Unlocked was created by Unhooked Communications MD Claire Gamble, a trained broadcast journalist with over 12 years’ experience working in communications.

The online portal offers:

  • Free courses and PR resources
  • The Dreamers & Doers podcast (a podcast for entrepreneurs and business owners who dream big and get stuff done)
  • A PR and marketing blog, which also covers business and finance, mindset and motivation
  • The full in-depth training course that guides users through creating their own communications strategy and carrying out their own PR and marketing.

Do you want to unlock the power of PR?

Learn how to do your own PR in a strategic, creative and impactful way. Because the more visible you are, the more opportunities you'll find.  Get instant access to the full PR course for startups and small businesses.

PR training to help small businesses and startups succeed

“Last year alone, around 660,000 new businesses started in the UK. But statistics suggest that within five years only 40 per cent will still be trading,” explained PR Unlocked founder, Claire Gamble. “A challenge for many startups and small businesses is how they let people know about their great products and services. PR and marketing agencies can charge thousands, meaning professional support and advice is out of reach for many. I speak to a lot of startups and small businesses on a daily basis and they all share similar challenges – how do they promote themselves? In the early days, there’s no reason why they can’t do some of their own PR and marketing, so I wanted to create an online platform to guide businesses through the process and help them succeed.”

People who sign up to the full PR Unlocked programme have one whole year to access the learning materials and any course updates during that time. There are also regular group video calls, a private online community for students, and a library of meet the expert videos. All the course content is optimised for desktop, laptop or mobile, meaning users can access it whenever and wherever they like.

Gamble added: “Over the last few years I’ve trained hundreds of businesses, marketers and university students face-to-face, but for so many startups and small businesses it’s difficult to take time out from their day-to-day work. Digital learning continues to grow in popularity thanks to its flexibility. Developing PR Unlocked was the next natural step for my business and means I can now reach out and help more business owners on a greater scale than I would otherwise be able to.”

Helen Bryce, Guilty Mothers Club

What else do PR Unlocked students get?

People who sign up for the whole PR Unlocked course get instant access to all the learning materials. They can access the online course on their desktop, tablet or mobile – meaning they can learn from anywhere at any time. PR Unlocked members also get:

  • One whole year to access the learning materials and any of the PR course updates
  • A growing library of Meet the Expert videos, featuring interviews and top tips from journalists and editors
  • Regular group coaching calls with founder Claire Gamble
  • A private online community to share tips, advice and successes

For more information visit: https://prunlocked.com

Get instant access to PR Unlocked

Whether you're a B2B or consumer business, or if you sell products or services,  you can benefit from the PR Unlocked course. Learn how PR can help support your business growth, manage your reputation and engage with your target audiences. Full of tips, advice and real life examples.

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