PR for photographer: Media relations and exhibition promotion for photographer Alexander Ward

Photography PR: Exhibition highlights refugee crisis in Greece

PR agency Unhooked Communications recently helped photographer Alexander Ward with some promotional activity for his latest exhibition.

Manchester photographer Alexander Ward visited Thessaloniki, Greece in October 2018 to undertake a photojournalism project documenting the refugee and migrant crisis that has gripped the country.

Working with charities such as IndiGO Volunteers, Helping Hands International, DocMobile and Soul Food operating at the frontline to provide relief, Alex went on to exhibit his work at The Pilcrow in Sadler’s Yard in Manchester City centre.

PR for photographer to help promote a  photography exhibition with press releases and pre-event media relations
Photography  PR for a photo exhibition in Manchester, support with press release and media relations to promote the event

PR for photographers: Telling the story behind the images

Alex has worked with us over the last year taking images for Unhooked Communications, as well as some of our PR agency clients, so it was great to support him with his recent exhibition.

Photographers wanting to promote themselves and their work can use their own website and social media platforms – something Alex does really well (you can follow him on Instagram here). But there are lots of great opportunities to secure earned media coverage too.

We worked with Alex to create a press release and diary note, which we pitched to regional media outlets, including what’s on guides and websites with events calendars, as well as art and design publications. We were particularly pleased to get a great write up in one of our favourite online design magazines, Creative Boom.

Promoting and marketing a photography exhibition for a photographer

Photographer launches photomag

Titled ‘Living in the Inbetween’, Alex’s photography exhibition contained 35 pieces of work and aimed to show the limbo that refugees and migrants find themselves in, along with the commitment and attitude of volunteers.

Talking about his work, Alex said: “The morbid reality of the crisis has been well documented, so I wanted to explore the people giving up their time, money and energy to save and rebuild lives. The most striking thing about the whole experience was the limbo people are in. Unable to return to the violence and oppression of their homeland, but unable to move on. There are so many stories here, about pain and agony, but about the warmth and commitment too. It’s absolutely my most challenging project to date, in every way it could’ve been. An entirely sobering experience that reminds us of our privilege and appreciation for those at the frontline of helping others.”

Now, Alex has launched a photomag of the collection.  The 28-page photo magazine tells the story of the people in the refugee and migrant crisis in Greece, documenting a number of people, organisations and their efforts to provide aid and care to rebuild lives.  You can buy the book on the Alexander Ward website.

Photography PR: How to promote a photography exhibition and event

All images credit: Alexander Ward.

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