Polypipe Civil & Green Urbanisation has appointed Unhooked Communications to carry out its PR

Polypipe Civils & Green Urbanisation appoints Unhooked Communications

Polypipe Civils & Green Urbanisation – one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of integrated water management, green asset and network systems solutions – has appointed construction PR agency Unhooked Communications to carry out its PR activity.


Formerly known as Polypipe Civils & Infrastructure, the business rebranded in 2020 to focus on Green Urbanisation, which looks at how the construction industry can manage water, including reducing flooding, and reuse this water to fuel green assets, such as green roofs, trees and other green spaces in towns and cities to benefit people and the environment. 


Unhooked Communications will now work with Polypipe Civils & Green Urbanisation, which sits in the Infrastructure & Landscape division of the Genuit Group – formerly the Polypipe Group – to  develop and deliver a PR strategy. This will position the business as experts in its field and encourage key decision makers across sectors such as residential, infrastructure, and public sector to design and build using new technologies and products to manage water effectively, while supporting sustainable landscapes.  


Sarah Jelly, Marketing Manager at Polypipe Civils & Green Urbanisation, which has manufacturing sites in Loughborough and Horncastle, said: “We’re responding to world-wide challenges relating to climate change, population growth and revolutions in communications and transport through intelligent, next generation solutions. It’s such an important issue at the moment and something that the whole of the construction sector needs to consider. Unhooked Communications demonstrated strong industry experience, technical understanding and an empathetic approach to how best deliver these key messages in an engaging, creative and thoughtful way to our target audiences.”


Claire Gamble, MD of Unhooked Communications, added: “It’s a key time for Polypipe Civils & Green Urbanisation; not only is the business and wider division involved in some industry-leading projects, it is also carrying out extensive research and development, while investing in its people, products and services to provide solutions that will genuinely make a difference to communities, people and the environment. We’re looking forward to working with the business to build its brand and help the team lead these vital conversations across the construction sector.”

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