Homes Unhooked: PR and marketing guide for building materials, products and services for the home

Introducing Homes Unhooked: Your essential PR and marketing guide for the home industry

As a leading construction PR agency and home interiors PR agency, we’re proud to announce that we’ve launched a new PR and marketing guide for the home industry. Homes Unhooked is full of exclusive research, insights and advice to help marketing directors, marketing managers and senior management teams to promote their products, materials and services for the home in an impactful way.
Homes Unhooked - PR guide for home products and services
Homes Unhooked - PR and marketing guide to promote materials, products and services for the home

Homes Unhooked: The ultimate PR and marketing guide for the home industry 

Backed by unique market research of over 2000 adults across the UK, the report covers:

  • Home improvement opportunities – including planned soft home improvements, external improvements and major renovations
  • Insights into how consumers are looking for value and quality and how businesses can tailor their offering and messages to appeal to price-conscious buyers
  • Attitudes and behaviours around shopping sustainably for building materials and home products and how businesses can genuinely communicate their eco-credentials
  • Home technology trends, including motives and hesitations around investing in smart tech
  • Where consumers go for information and inspiration for building materials, appliances and home products, including top channels and influencers
  • PR and content tips, taking into consideration the data and Unhooked Communications’ experience, to help brands tailor their strategies, messaging and tactics to effectively attract and engage with customers and potential customers 
Homes Unhooked PR guide for marketing professionals in the home construction and property industry
Homes Unhooked PR and marketing guide

Promoting your products and services for the home

From building projects to home improvements, technology, and sustainability concerns, our must-read guide Homes Unhooked equips businesses and brands with the knowledge to seize upcoming market opportunities.

In a challenging landscape marked by rising costs, interest rates, evolving lifestyles, and sustainability pressures, this guide highlights how to engage effectively with target audiences who are considering buying your products or services.  

With Unhooked Communications’ expertise in construction PR, building materials PR and home interiors PR, we bring you decades of experience and actionable advice. Let our research and insights empower you to inform and inspire customers, propelling your business growth over the next year and beyond. 

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