10 PR tactics to help you grow your home interiors business

10 PR tactics to promote your home interiors business

As a specialist home interiors PR agency, we know how powerful public relations can be to promote your business selling products for the home.

Effective PR can help you:

  • Build brand awareness, trust and credibility 
  • Manage your reputation 
  • Increase sales and enquiries
  • Develop partnerships with relevant organisations 
  • Build links, boost SEO and drive traffic to your website
  • Attract and retain the best talent  
  • Celebrate your business’ successes
  • Help secure investment and manage investor relationships
  • And more!

Here, we explain 10 PR tactics that could help you promote your home interiors business. 

How a home interiors PR agency can work with businesses

1: Develop your PR strategy

We start work with all of our home interiors clients by running a PR strategy workshop. This allows us to identify your objectives, audiences and value proposition. We then use the discussion points along with additional research and insights to craft a bespoke PR strategy to make sure that we’re doing the right activity in the right way. 

2: Build relationships with key media

Having specialised in home interiors PR for several years, we’ve built strong relationships with key journalists and editors. In fact, our clients have appeared in most major home interiors magazines and supplements. 

We build these relationships through a number of ways, including making sure we’re pitching the right sort of content that is relevant for their media outlet, inviting them to press events, and speaking to them whenever we can, either in person or online, to find out what they’re working on.

3: Create compelling media content

One reason why we love home interiors PR so much at this agency is all the creative ways we can create content for clients. Product launches, case studies, trends pieces, tips and advice, image-led stories and business news are all just some of the types of PR press materials we regularly product and pitch for clients. The most impactful media content will depend on multiple factors, including your products and services, the time of year and wider trends.

The home interiors media can work up to six months in advance, so it’s vital that you plan ahead with your PR and media content.

Use media relations as part of your home interiors PR activity

An editorial calendar showing the lead times of different home interiors magazines and media outlets

4: Don’t forget your own website and SEO

As well as considering what content to develop for the media, it’s also important to create content for your own website. In our own home interiors PR research, we found that across all home interiors categories, consumers are most likely to start researching products with an online search. You can help improve the chances of your website ranking on search engines with SEO copywriting, as well as improving the domain authority of the website through link building – something that home interiors PR and media relations is very effective at achieving. 

5: Engage with influencers

There are endless home interiors and home improvement influencers on social media who create compelling content for their engaged followers. Partnering with suitable influencers can help you increase your visibility, raise awareness of your products and build trust with their audiences. As a home interiors PR agency, there are lots of ways we can work with influencers and we have developed our own influencer PR brief to make sure that clients are approaching influencer marketing in the most effective way. 

6: Attend industry events or host your own

We love home interiors events as part of a strong PR strategy for our clients. There are some great industry events, which you can exhibit at, sponsor or even speak at. Journalists often go to home interiors events as an opportunity to see lots of brands, products and trends all in one place. Find out about how we worked with our client Häfele to support at the KBB Show here.

We work with clients to help them maximise the PR impact of home interiors events, for example by developing press packs and setting up media interviews. You can also host your own home interiors PR events and invite journalists and influencers to see your new products, share company news and insights, run workshops, and introduce your key spokespeople. Find out more about how our client’s Innovation Day was a great way to build relationships with key media here.

Press office media relations exhibition support

7: Inspire and inform on social media

Social media – especially visual channels like Instagram and Pinterest – are brilliant for home interiors brands. Many consumers head to social media to find inspiration and information for their home improvement and décor projects. Strong photos and videos are vital to make sure you stand out and make the best impression. Make sure that people can also easily find where to buy products too. 

8: Review sites and forums

Some channels that are sometimes overlooked in home interiors PR strategies are review sites and forums. Our research shows that many consumers head to these for information about home interiors products before they buy them. There are some forums and sites like Mumsnet where you can partner with them to review your products, and some media outlets like Good Housekeeping also offer review services. 

9: Awards and accreditations

Not all award scheme are equal, but there are some credible awards and accreditations that can make your home interiors business, products and services stand out. We have lots of experience compiling entries for clients, with a great track record of getting them shortlisted and named the winner. Winning an industry-leading award for your home interiors brand can be very powerful PR.

10: Monitor, measure, evaluate and update

It’s important to monitor and measure the impact of your home interiors PR. As well as making sure your PR activity is having a positive impact on your home interiors business, you also want to make sure that you’re continually evaluating and updating your strategy and tactics. This is to ensure that your PR activity and campaigns remain relevant to your business as it grows, as well as maximises results as trends and the media landscape evolves. We use specialist media coverage software and other tools, as well as insights from our clients’ sales and marketing teams, to measure the impact of our PR campaigns for home interiors brands. 

Developing and implementing a comprehensive PR strategy is crucial for promoting your home interiors business. These 10 PR tactics can be a great way to support your business growth. If you want to find out more about how we can help you manage your PR, contact us today.

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