The Apprentice team names - research reveals the most confusing Apprentice team names from the BBC show

REVEALED: The worst Apprentice team names

It’s taken until episode three of the latest series of BBC’s popular show The Apprentice for us to find out the team names. But the choices of Empower and Unison haven’t gone down too well on Twitter (although, admittedly might be better than one of the potential options ‘Polaris’).

Every year the team name selection on the Apprentice is a hot topic on social media, with many quick to judge or jeer the choices. And now research has revealed which of the 28 former team names on The Apprentice are the most confusing, after we quizzed 2,811 people to see if they could correctly define the words used in the team identities.

The Apprentice team names: What are the most confusing?

‘Connexus’ was one of the most confusing team names, with only 26 per cent knowing it was Latin for ‘a connecting structure’. ‘Eclipse’ also proved difficult to understand, with 26 per cent of people correctly guessing the definition of ‘when something becomes less important’. Less than half (46 per cent) knew ‘venture’ was something that involved risk and just over half (57 per cent) knew Apollo was a God of music, poetry, light, prophecy and various other titles. When it came to Team Graphene, 60 per cent knew it as the word for of carbon in a single atom, but 9 per cent thought it was a computer programme made to use graphs and 3 per cent thought it was magazine dedicated to graphic design. The majority (83 per cent) knew Team Typhoon was named after a violent storm with strong circular winds, but 6 per cent thought it was a tea brand and 11 per cent didn’t think it was a real word at all. With some of the words offering surprising definitions, it begs the question if the candidates themselves even truly understand the words they’re using for their brand.

QUIZ: How well do you know the Apprentice team names?

  How well do you know The Apprentice team names and TV show? Take our quiz to find out.



Why is it so difficult to choose a team name?

Claire Gamble, MD of Unhooked Communications, which carried out the research, said: “The Apprentice is brilliant entertainment, but it doesn’t always portray the realities of running a business. It’s always funny watching the teams try to come up with their names and so often get criticised for being too literal, overly complicated or just plain cringeworthy. But that’s the joy of the show, you don’t need to be a business or marketing expert to have an opinion and it highlights just how some seemingly ‘easy’ jobs – like coming up with a brand name – are actually more difficult than you first think. We can’t wait to hear the associated gags Lord Sugar comes up with too.”

The Apprentice: Worst team names revealed

Based on a quiz of 2,811 people, here are the most confusing team names from previous series of The Apprentice ranked in order of who knew the correct definition of each word. Quiz results available to share. Please credit Unhooked Communications with link:

Team name Definition Who got it right?
Connexus A connecting structure 26%
Eclipse When something becomes less important 26%
Venture An activity involving risk 46%
Apollo A god connected to things like music 57%
Graphene A form of carbon in a single atom 60%
Synergy The power of a group working together 65%
Titans Someone who is clever, important or strong 67%
Summit The highest point of a mountain 68%
Sterling A precious metal of particular purity 68%
Forte The ability to do something well 68%
Tenacity A determination to keep doing something 71%
Renaissance A growth of interest in art or music 72%
Nebular A cloud of dust or gas in outer space 75%
Invicta Undeafeted 75%
Endeavor To try to do something 80%
Collaborative To work together with someone else 81%
Typhoon A violent storm with strong circular wins 83%
Logic A way of thinking based on good judgement 85%
Impact The force of an object hitting another 85%
Stealth A quiet, careful action to avoid attention 86%
Evolve To develop gradually 88%
Empire A large organisation 89%
Versatile To easily be used for different purposes 90%
Alpha A Greek letter 90%
Phoenix A mythical bird able to regenerate through flame 91%
Veolicty The speed at which an object travels 91%
Vitality Energy and strength 93%
Ignite To cause something to start burning 96%

Casetteboy vs The Apprentice

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