How to train and upskill yourself – for free

I’ve previously explained how and why I’m focusing on my training and development. Although some of my training has required a financial investment, there are loads of ways you can train and upskill yourself as a freelancer or small business owner without spending any cash. Below are some suggestions, along with some of my current favourite resources.

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Business and career training when you’re self employed or freelance

I’ve been a PR freelancer in Manchester for about four years now, and over that time I’ve learnt a lot in terms of navigating the weird and wonderful world of freelancing and running a business.

However, I’ve not really invested in any formal training to advance my skillset and advance my career. With client work, running a business, moving house, and family life, formal training didn’t feature highly on my list of priorities. But recently, that’s changed.

In this blog post I’ll explain:

  • What made me rethink my approach to training
  • What topics I’m learning at the moment

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