The meaning behind Unhooked Communications

Welcome to the new home of Unhooked Communications – a Manchester communications agency specialising in PR, digital, content and creative ideas.

When it came to choosing a name for the new business, it took ages. It was harder than naming my children.

When you decide what to call your baby, you simply pick a name you like the sound of. You’ll look at the meaning behind the name to make sure it doesn’t symbolise anything terrible. And, of course, you’ll compare notes with your partner that neither of you went to school with a bully, worked with an annoying colleague, or, worse, had a romantic fling with someone who shares the name.

Other than that, it’s pretty straight forward.

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Freelancers and small business owners in Manchester invited to celebrate International Women’s Day

The Northern Creative Collective has teamed up with Ziferblat to host a coffee morning to mark International Women’s Day on 8th March 2018.

As well as a chance for freelancers and small business owners to get together, there will be a discussion around the gender pay gap amongst freelancers. And with Manchester recently named as the best place to be a freelancer – it’s the perfect location for this event!

The gender pay gap gets talked about widely in terms of the traditional work environment, but you might be surprised to hear it also exists for self-employed workers. After all, supposedly freelancers set their own rates and are in control of their own careers.

Freelancers and the gender pay gap | Ziferblat and Northern Creative Collective International Women's Day
Ziferblat, Media City

The gender pay gap amongst freelancers: The statistics

According to IPSE, there are approximately two million freelancers in the UK – 41 per cent of whom are women. One in seven of all freelancers are working mums, and this figures is rapidly growing. The number of mothers working as freelancers increased by 79 per cent between 2008 and 2016 – nearly double the rate of increase in the freelance workforce as a whole.

Yet despite women – and working mums in particular – representing a large and growing proportion of the freelancing community, they’re getting paid less than men.

According to the ProCopywriters Survey 2017, the gender pay gap for freelance copywriters is 29 per cent. Full-time female freelance copywriters earn an average of £34,803 a year compared to the £48,564 their male counterparts take home. The gender pay gap is even larger between women and men who combine employed work with freelancing – a huge 46 per cent.

Gender pay gap freelancers | The ProCopywriters Survey 2017 |
The ProCopywriters Survey 2017 |

Statistics from YunoJuno show female creative freelancers make an average of £308 a day, compared to men who make an average of £350.

Closing the gender pay gap for freelancers and small business owners

It’s no surprise that women – and in particular working mums – make up the fastest growing demographic of freelancers. The traditional 9-5 doesn’t suit a lot of people – especially if you have young children and have to juggle childcare with rush hour traffic. What is surprising though is that female freelancers are still facing inequality. But why? Why are women who are self-employed typically getting paid a lower day rate than men?

During the International Women’s Day event at Ziferblat, we’ll have a number of speakers who will explore some of the issues and offer some advice around how freelancers and small business owners can value their time, have confidence when negotiating and ways to ensure they maximise their income.

International Women's Day Ziferblat Media City event with Northern Creative Collective - freelancers
Ziferblat, Media City

The speakers for the event will include:

Katy Carlisle | Katy has been self-employed for over four years, and through her business The Wheel Exists, she helps freelancers and charities to create websites using Squarespace. She set up Freelance Folk in 2015 to provide a way for people who are self-employed to meet and chat with other freelancers through popup co-working sessions at Ziferblat. In 2017, Katy was awarded the IPSE Freelance Ambassador of the Year award for her work within the freelance community. |

Sara Benaissa | Sara is a Mancunian writer who focuses on technology, urbanism, northern spirit and the modern multi-cultural Zeitgeist. As a freelancer and owner of Fraiche Ink, Sara works with local start-ups, social enterprises and larger B2B organisations who all have a sustainable, ethical or futurist mindset. Sara has an international background in communications and marketing, splitting her time between Manchester and Paris. She also writes poetry, short stories and runs a local writing workshop and creative networking group in East Manchester.

Twitter: @Fraicheink | Instagram: @sarajbenaissa |

Ruth Bigger | Ruth is a business and life coach who works with individuals looking to make changes. Ruth helps individuals, including women, to understand their value and helps them develop tactics and strategies for pricing their work, negotiating and appreciating their own worth. Ruth has completed an intensive four years coach programme at the Institute of Psychosynthesis in London and is currently completing my Postgraduate Diploma in Organisational Coaching.


International Women’s Day: Freelancer coffee morning at Ziferblat, Media City

The coffee morning is open to anyone who is interested and would like to meet other freelancers and small business owners. Guests should log in and out at the Ziferblat reception and pay for the time spent in the venue.

Date: Thursday 8th March 2018

Time: 09:00 – 11:00

Location: Ziferblat, Tomorrow building, Media City, Salford, M50 2AB

To register your place, please go to our Eventbrite page.

Manchester PR agency Unhooked Communications to carry out Social Republic’s PR and marketing

We’re delighted to announce social media agency Social Republic has appointed Manchester PR agency Unhooked Communications to carry out its PR and marketing activity for 2018.

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Unhooked Communications and the Northern Creative Collective have unveiled details of an exclusive, one-off influencer marketing event in ManchesterInfluencers Unhooked: Digital marketing, PR and SEO in the age of the online influencer.

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This month got off to a great start as we found out Hadley Steel Framing and client Saint-Gobain are shortlisted for the Best Use of Steel Technology in the Offsite Construction Awards.

As part of the companies’ joint construction PR and marketing, we helped to compile the award entry.

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Construction PR and marketing agency in Manchester, UK

At Unhooked Communications, we have over 10 years’ experience developing and implementing creative, impactful construction PR and marketing campaigns. As a specialist construction PR and marketing agency, we’re based in Manchester but work with construction businesses across the UK.

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What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is when brands work with celebrities, popular bloggers or social media users – often with a large and/or engaged online following – to help them promote their products or services.

Brands might send a gift free of charge to the influencer in the hope they will be seen using the item or share a photo of it online, or they might come to an agreement where the influencer is paid to review the item or create content – such as videos, images, podcasts, blogs and social media posts.

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Why you need to invest in good photography for your PR and marketing

This week I met photographer Alex Ward to get some photos taken for the new website and update my social media mugshots. We had a good chinwag along the way and one of the topics we discussed was the importance of good photography in PR and marketing.

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Why PR is about more than achieving media coverage

Jack Badger is a carpentry and masonry business based in the heart of the Peak District. The team uses traditional carpentry tools and techniques to design and create beautiful and sustainable fittings, furniture and architectural features.

We started working with the business to generate media coverage, write website content and award entries, and advise on social media. After a few months of activity, an exciting opportunity presented itself to Jack Badger.

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Homeware and interiors case study: PR strategy and planning for new ecommerce business

The Gifted Few is a homeware and interiors ecommerce business, which specialises in vintage lighting, contemporary home accessories and gifts.

Initially, the business sold vintage and industrial lightbulbs and furniture on its eBay store, but after a period of growth it was time to develop its own ecommerce website.

The couple behind the business, Sarah and Aaron, brought us on board to develop a PR and communications strategy to help them launch their new website.

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PR trends 2018: A look back at 2017 news

To predict PR trends 2018, we first of all need to look back at 2017. From a media and PR point of view, 2017 has been a year of deafening noise. Fake news, terrorist attacks, Grenfell Tower, sexual harassment, Brexit, the threat of nuclear war… it’s been a year of confusion, heartbreak and anger.

The news and accompanying views have come thick and fast all year and with what seems like ever-increasing toxicity. Facts have lost out to opinions, opinions have become more extreme, and the extreme has found its way into the mainstream. From politicians to celebrities, the people and stories making the headlines have become more absurd and worrying as the year has gone on.

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