We’re an agency hooked on what we do…

Unhooked Communications is an independent Manchester PR, digital and content agency focused on developing and implementing creative campaigns.

We have a creative, no-nonsense, zero jargon approach to communications and deliver meaningful results for B2B and consumer businesses and brands.

Hooked on ideas. The good ones… and the bad ones that sometimes lead to good ones.

Hooked on marketing. In its many guises and disciplines, and how it changes every day.

Hooked on words. And the way they play with images, videos, graphics and memes.

Hooked on clients. Getting to know them; their achievements, aspirations and quirks.

Hooked on people. You, your customers and how we all communicate, act, share and live.

But an agency unhooked from the nonsense…

Unhooked from jargon. No ‘gurus’ or ‘ninjas’. Blinding clients with buzzwords isn’t how we do things here.

Unhooked from blaggers. If you pay for a service, you should know what it is and why it’s using your budget.

Unhooked from confusion. We want to offer a clear, honest path to help you get where you need to be.

Unhooked from empty promises.Great relationships come from honesty and getting to know one another.

Unhooked from the norm. If we don’t think we’re a great fit for you, we’ll point you to someone who is.

Find out more about Unhooked Communications MD Claire Gamble here.